which--by definition--is the way the body is designed for it to be done.

         I have had the distinct pleasure of growing up in the era of Dr. John Lee, the Gynecologist-scientist who championed the resurgence of the use of natural progesterone.

     Just as Mr. Miyagi instructed the Karate Kid to "wax on, wax off" and to be patient in order to achieve balance, Dr. Lee introduced us to the concept of simplicity and patience in the process of balancing hormones.

     Along with science, my best teachers were patients and they have not stopped teaching me.  I cannot stress enough that there is no lab test that has any value above the value of the patient.

     Bio-Identical means Like the Body Design--Exactly (!)  Therefore, my warnings: 

1.  Using hormones in PELLET-form is like using cocaine instead of coffee to start your day.

2.  Using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) based on lab work is like throwing darts at moving targets: as soon as you release the darts, the targets have moved--a lot of hit and miss.

     Hormones in the body interact every millisecond with the nervous system, the immune system and with each other.

3.  Freeing someone from symptoms is like letting someone out of jail without any clothes, no place to stay and no money.  Free from misery, but not equipped to succeed.

     a.  Clothes?  Like the protection of the nervous system;

     b.  Lodging?  Like the safety of an intact immune system;

     c.  Money?  Like the energy management of the other hormones in the system:  pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid and adrenals.

     Restoration is not easy, and it is harder when you have to come off the equivalent of cocaine just to start the process (but it can be done).

     RESTORATIONis the specialty ofSunLifewhere the goal is balance, after a thorough evaluation, assessment of a game plan to fit the available resources, and constant learning and teaching.

James F. Coy, M.D.