nutrition and tropical diseases. He completed post-graduate medical training at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City before starting his first six years of medical practice in Marysville, Kansas where he acquired intense experience in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, general surgery, emergency and family medicine. He was a Company Surgeon for the Union Pacific Railroad, the industrial physician for several local companies and served as the County Coroner.

In 1985 Dr. Coy came home to Central Florida and worked in Emergency Medicine and as a hospital physician, spent the majority of his time in the medical intensive care unit. At the same time Dr. Coy began a multi-year stint in the walk-in clinic business. Always urged to hurry, Dr. Coy found it easy to speed efficiently through acute care cases, but at the same time noticed a lot of patients returning several times a year for another "quick fix." As he frustrated the staff for "taking too long with his patients," he won their praise as well, and the satisfaction of his patients because he kept digging until he got to the bottom of their problems. But the choice of solutions just seemed incomplete.

When Dr. Coy's father introduced him to his own Chelation Therapy physician, Dr. Coy had already been introduced to Environmental Medicine and Allergy therapies not used by conventional physicians. It was at that time over twenty years ago that Dr. Coy began to add to his training. The giants and the pioneers in what has become known as non-traditional medicine were everywhere. Dr. Coy has acquired multiple skills that enable him to see patients as degenerating but thriving, imbalanced but correctable, turning despair into hope, helping people to regain control of their own health.

"God has created us in a wonderful and special way, and has revealed to us wonderful things at our disposal that we may use to not only live in good health, but to restore our bodies and minds, and spirits, and find joy in Him forever," is Dr. Coy's belief.

Welcome to the most unique medical experience in Central Florida.  Dr. Coy is a gifted physician who wants his patients to be restored to full health. Because of that desire and his training and experience all the methods of treatment and evaluation can be brought together in one place to work to achieve that goal.

Dr. Coy has a reputation in The Villages area community as a problem solver. The medical community which is very specialized and generally overwhelmed by busy practices welcomes the opportunity to send patients who are very time consuming in their medical needs. The coordination of care is outstanding as Dr. Coy holds the utmost respect for other physicians who care for their patients and he tries to encourage maintenance of patients’ good relationships with any of their other physicians.

Because of his traditional medical training, Dr. Coy is able to understand the reasoning behind pharmaceutical use and surgical decisions. He is therefore able to assist patients through the difficult decisions and possibilities for decreasing or eliminating medications. In some cases surgery can be postponed or avoided using natural remedies.

In addition to his relationship with Medical Doctors, Doctor Coy works well with a variety of alternative practitioners. “Patients are very astute concerning their health needs and learn the benefits of one extra or many health practitioners.” Dr. Coy often assists patients as they sort out their choices.

Naturopathy, homeopathy, choosing the best supplement selection, colon therapy, chiropractic, massage and other physical therapies are among the local choices. “Patients are seeking the best choices for their health and more and more often lately they are looking to restore themselves to good health, not just cover up symptoms.”

The greatest service Dr. Coy attempts to offer is to help patients to restore their health to the healthiest they can be.  A common quote I've heard over the last twenty years is, “People don’t retire and move to Florida to die. They move here to live the remainder of their lives to the fullest!”  When health is a priority, it is worth the time, effort and expense to see that it is achieved.

"Improving the quality of life by reconditioning and rebuilding the human body"

James F. Coy, MD

Dr.  Jim Coy was born in North Carolina but stayed only long enough to get it stamped on his birth certificate. He calls Orlando, Florida home but now lives in The Villages area of Central Florida.

As a graduate of the University of Florida Dr. Coy is proud to be a "Gator". His medical training took him to Cebu City in the Philippines with plenteous training in general medicine and surgery,

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